Estate Ham Gear for Sale

Charles C. Smith W4SVR (SK) Estate Ham Gear for Sale

Contact Marshall WA4OFW at with questions, request for pictures or to purchase. All proceeds from sale of this equipment is going to Charles’s widow. I will be providing receipts for all sales. Payment by cash, money orders or cashiers checks.  Shipping is not included in prices listed with the equipment. Prices based on in person pick up but shipping can be arranged if required.

    • Icom IC-7100 160 – 6M, 2m and 70cm, D-Star capable, mobile / base radio, control head, power cable, control cable, microphone and original paper manual. Like new, used very little. $950.00
    • Yaesu FT-70D 2m, 70cm handheld, like new, with antenna, battery, belt clip, and original paper manual, No battery charger (R&L sells the charger for $27.95, part number Yaesu SAD-25B) $130.00
    • Yaesu FTM-100D 2m, 70cm System Fusion capable, GPS, APRS, mobile control head and radio can be mounted as one unit or separated for ease of installation. 2m, 440, system fusion, with mic, power cable, radio mounting bracket, control head mounting bracket, mic clip, hardware and control cable $300.00
    • Icom IC-730 HF base, 160 – 10m used, some cosmetic damage, radio works but has some noisy controls common for radios of this age etc. with Icom IC-SM6 desk mic and short power cable with powerpoles $275.00
    • Chameleon EmComm III Portable antenna. 160m – 6m 100w SSB, 50w CW, 25W digital $100
    • Baofeng UV-5R with antenna. Like new. Battery, battery charger, belt clip and wrist strap $20.00
    • Radio Shack SWR and power meter # 21-534, 3-30 MHz, 2000w, used, all functions work, very good condition $50.00
    • Radio Shack power supply, #22-507 13.8v DC, 3A, very good condition, binding post and cigarette lighter jack $40.00
    • Zurich power supply # RPS-1512A. 13.8V DC 15A continuous, 18A max, bit rough physical condition but working OK, binding post for output connection $50.00
    • Nanovna-H frequency range 50k-300mhz, 300-900mhz .9g-1.5ghz. 5v usb powered, HW version 3.5, complete, like new in original box with all accessories. $40.00
    • Signalink USB SLUSB with cables, like new, external sound card interface for digital modes. The included cables are the USB for connecting Signalink to computer and one for SignaLink to radio which is a 6 pin mini-DIN. I believe this Signalink was set up for use with Icom IC-7100 as that was the only radio he had with a 6 pin mini-DIN data connection. $100.00
    • Diamond DL-30A small dummy load. DC – 500 MHz, 15w continuous, new in package $35.0
    • RF Industries terminal crimping tool kit # RFA-4005-500. Includes heavy duty crimping tool, 7 dies for various terminal types and a wire stripper/cutter combo tool. $150.00
    • Polyphaser , 2 each NEW in box Model IS-B50HN-C2-MA 125MHz – 000MHz N-Male / N-female $75.00 each
    • Horizon Antenna Systems, Inc. 2m vertical Used, fair condition. Tested in yard and holding antenna up in air it does work fine and SWR measured 1.35-1 at 146.000 MHz and SWR was 2-1 or less across the entire 2m band. 74” tall with four 19” radials. $30.00
    • Belden-E 50 ohm coax #7733A, RG8 type low loss, solid center conductor, like new, used in attic for short period of time, looks like new. 1 roll approximately 60ft and 1 roll approximately 85 ft. price TBD