The 145.43 going from Quantar to Yaesu repeaters – needs user financial support

Reaching out from 730 feet (AGL) near the merger of I-195, I-95, and I-64 sits the antenna for the MRA (Metropolitan Repeater Association), 145.43. It is a nice complement to the RATS 146.88 repeater in the southwestern part of the metro area. 145.43 has a long reach north towards Fredericksburg, west to Mineral, east to Bottoms Bridge, and even to southern Chesterfield.

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The commercial-grade Quantar repeaters with analog FM and P25 digital have finally worn out. Parts are not easily acquired. It is replacement time.

The Yaesu DR-2X analog+digital transceivers will replace the Quantars. The MRA is buying two so there is backup. It will start with analog. Once stable the Fusion digital mode will be enabled. Finally some WiresX functions will be added.

If you use that repeater, please contribute to the fund to buy the repeaters. The transceivers, the supporting LAN cards and other items will cost over $2,000. Send your contribution to:

Metropolitan Repeater Association (MRA)

P. O. Box 4978

Glen Allen, VA 23058